[SUB] IND] 미녀 여사친에게 속옷 선물하다가 깜놀 ㅋㅋ 최초공개 ㅋㅋ

I am confident in my butt I am confident in my size
You can just give me the biggest size from this shop Mogwa is going to make his promise to Jamong that he is going to buy her presents I think clothes would be better than lingerie for your presents I want to have lingerie instead Hello~ Hello! I’m looking for lingerie They have underwear for men too This is my first time to come at lingerie shop – Would be fine for men to come this place?
– It doesn’t matter – You are going to try lingerie?
– Yes, I am Of course, I don’t need these lol We are going to check your size first and recommend you lingerie that suits your style – Would be fine that I’m shooting this video at here?
– Yes, it’s fine Time to check out the size of Jamong’s – Her size is quite bigger than the average
– Is she? The size is 71 I’m measuring the size and it’s 70G – What did you say?
– Her size is G Our shop also has size for G too G….? Other shops usually have sizes up to C but we have special line that has size for G too I used to purchase linger at this brand
when I was younger As far as I remember, this brand used to
have size up to E We used to have the size only up to E but
these days there are customers who are not only glamorous but also skinny too But you might have to wear the size H if I’m not wrong
If you like to wear the size E, this needs to adjust to your chset size too She is counting her size lol It’s the 8th largest size For your information, you should pay extra 1,000 won from size B as the size gets bigger each time So, you should pay extra 6,000 for your size It’s all cost lol You can have a look from here Here has many selections that I like But there are limited lingerie for size G So, you can see lingerie for your size from here only This is new products for this Spring This comes with the size up to E (Mogwa’s face is turning in red) This comes with extra strings (Mogwa doesn’t understand what they are talking) What do you think? I’m get shocked a bit I like this type of style Are you still sure you like to have lingerie instead of having clothes? – I like to have lingerie
– Alright! I will treat you to buy these I like new products These two are new products What color would you like to go for?
Pink or blue? I have no idea Please choose one for me Isn’t pink the most like color for women? Isn’t it your favorite color? These bra doesn’t have caps inside? The size G does not usually come with caps Stay tuned guys! I would like to try this I would go for pink (Mogwa is speechless with surprise) I did not expect that your size is this much big I was not expected too
I haven’t had measured my size for a long time I’m sweating now You may try these in the fitting room [Clerk] Let me help you try the lingerie on She’s coming with you? Can I go inside the room too? What the hell are you talking about? You are not allowed to come in here I am not allowed to come in?
Alright The clerk has gave permission to hear the conversations are being made from the fitting room Please tell me if the wire is too tight I think you’ve been tried a bit of the bigger size than the size of your waist Let me help you measure the right size of yours I like this color so much
The color is so stunning This color would suit to the color of your tanned skin The right way to wear the bra is to bend over your waist and try to grab your boobs using your hands to be placed into the cubs I am helping you to hook your bra in the middle node first
Please tell me whether you feel comfortable now Stand at attention first As you can see, here has some empty spaces so you need to adjust the wire a bit tighter Pull over the strings to upward and make these even Now you can see that the bra is rightly adjusted for you This looks right to you Before adjusting the size, you could have seen the empty spaces under your arms You also need to adjust your boobs to the right position so that these can be in the right places This is the right way to wear bras As I’ve told you, you can try one size bigger than now since the upper boobs are bigger than
the size of lower boobs You won’t see the differences as you see front but you can see the gap here as you bend over You can try the size H if you would like to try But the trend these days do not prefer to try a bigger size than the size of boobs to be covered entirely As you move your hands, the bra will be adjusted to your size properly Skin elasticity is very important especially for boobs. Boobs can be moved upward a bit as the skin of yours get softer while wearing the bra As you move your hands, the boobs will be placed to the right position If you wish to cover the whole size of your boobs, you need to wear the size H but the size is not avaiable in Korea now If you want to try the size for H, we can repair the size that you want This bra is 70G but we can repair a bra for size 75G to become 70H You think this size is right for me? This size is just right for you but I’m suggesting you to wear one size bigger if you want to cover the entire boobs This size looks good on you This size for G is just right for you Alright, thank you for you suggestion Let me try this on and see first Do you have customers like her? There were not many but these days customers having good figures and are fit come to our shop often Customers are often misunderstood of their size. There are not people who know the right size of their own People like her having bigger size boobs are often confused with their size as C that would be the largest size prevalent at most shops Luckily, our shop has a variety of size so she can find the right size for her own As I can see, customers who have similar size of hers usually go with size G A friend of your has not even size of boobs
The left one is size for H and the right one is size for G Hang on
G or H…? Which one is bigger? H is bigger We can repair the size of 75G to become H for her If she doesn’t want to have size for H, I would recommend 70G for her I’m ready – Please come out
– I’m coming – May I shoot a video?
– Yes This is so comfortable – How’s it?
– It’s much more comfortable than the bra I used to wear This looks so good on you
I can’t say that the design for this year is the best but the bra you are wearing would be the best for your size – You may go to the Venus, if you’d like to try another brand
– What is the Venus? The Venus is the affiliate of our brand having more elegant design and expensive too Our brand Solb is more causal than the Venus Do you see the size is right for you? I love it Thank you for your advice and cooperation Do you like it? I’d like to have this You like the pink one? There are many types of panty too – Would you like to see ?
– Yes please Do you like it? I like thong We have thong too I love it (Mogwa can’t shoot this one because Mogwa feels so shy) You can see from this (Mogwa gets panicked) This comes with many layers of frills This is a basic You should shoot here not there – I’m so shy to shoot this one
– It’s alright This is basic, thong and one with frills and see through panties too I like see through panties too but I would go for this one Alright, please take this away from me This comes with many frills I get more embarrassed
Please take this away from me I would like to have this one Since you are tall and fit, I would suggest you to wear the size for 95 But for thong, you can try one size smaller than your size So, you can try the size for 90 I’m quite confidence in my butt
The size is also quite big too Can I have the biggest size? You should try one size smaller for thong Let me check the size of your butt I’m fine I would like to have this one Would you like to have one size bigger? I would go for the size that you’ve recommended to me I think 95 would be good on you also I would like to have the right size for me Thong would be good to have one size smaller than the size for panties I would go for this You finally take her advice lol
You admit that you lose this time? I’m not losing any
I’m just taking her advice instead Thong only comes out with two sizes Let me treat her lingerie This is not expensive than I have expected Thank you so much for Solb for your permission to shoot the video and your advice You have not seen many of customers who have similar size like hers? I have not seen many But customers who have big size of boobs come and find our store often I was really surprised today You seems to look different today I’m really shocked indeed Thank you so much for Solb for your permission to shoot the video and your advice Thank you for the present Finally I get what I want I will treat you better one next time Thank you for watching the video 🙂

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