Proud To be Software Engineer| Telugu Short Film 2020 |With Eng Subs | Yaswanth Theatre

Thank God, you’ve arrived finally. ‘I guess his manager
screwed him big time.’ Bro? When you’re pissed,
you shouldn’t think much. But do you know what you can do
without having to think? Having a drunk. Cheers! Getting drunk won’t solve our problems.
– Yes, I agree. But, it’ll help us forget our problems. I wish I had a calculator in mind
which would find solutions to all my problems. You took a sip.
Don’t talk like you’re drunk already. Tell me, why are you frustrated?
– Like you know.. Every software engineer
would be frustrated with his job since day one. If it wasn’t for this reservation system,
I’d have landed a government job. Then, I’d have to work for only 6 hours a day.
I’d have had enough time to watch a movie and chill every day. But screw my luck
that I ended up with this software job. In software field, increase in your job experience
will increase the expectations on you. And neither does that experience come handy.
I was asked tonnes of tough questions during the interview but all I’m now doing is entering data in excel sheets.
I do this job only to keep food on my table. Too bad I can’t find
any other job with this experience. If I wish to eat,
I need to keep typing. In software field, more experienced you get,
less will be your need. To be brutally frank, all software employees
are like prostitutes. More time you’ve spent in the field,
less likely you’re desired. So, in this short career, I was hoping
to go on-site, work hard for 10 years earn big bucks and return back and retire.
But, I’m still here, 5 years into the job. That guy who runs that dosa stall opposite my office
earns Rs. 10K per day because of people like me. In matrimonial websites, guys who declare themselves
as software engineers aren’t even finding matches. I read this the other day,
about a software employee. He was clueless if he was going to work or returning
from work. He had to open his lunch box to know. Grade 9 students are being taught Java.
I’m sure software jobs would become the next blue collared jobs. Software is like mafia.
– Oh, cut it! It has become a trend of late
to make fun of the software field. Tell me this. For how many years
did you try for government jobs? For three years.
– After wasting those 3 years, what did you do next? You produced fake experience letters
and landed this job. Can you do so in other fields? No, I can’t.
– Did you ever go to a pub before landing this job? No, I didn’t.
– Did you go to resorts? – No. Did you even hear the word outing before?
– No. – Forget that. During our B.Tech days did you ever see any girl wear a jeans? Now you even see
girls wearing skirts and you still hate your job? Now you go to pubs, to resorts
but you still hate this job? In India, software is the only field
which hires you irrespective of your caste or religion. You wait right there.
Just wait. During our parents’ generation, there was like
one car per street, that to Maruti 800. But now, even we both have cars. But how?
– Because of EMIs. And how are you paying those EMIs?
Purely because of this job. Back then, owning a house
was a long cherished dream. People, after saving up
all their careers, used to buy a house. But now, every bum is owning 3-4 houses. How?
– Because of the software jobs. It is easy to get a software job.
This is the reason why all take software jobs for granted. This field has given employement
to so many people. Almost any guy, after learning
a course or two can get a software job. If you had landed a government job,
you’d be doing the same work for the next 30 years. But in this field, there are new trends
and new challenges! Not just that dosa guy, right from tea sellers
to real estate barons, all depend on software field. Software boom is a boon
to this world and you diss it? How dare you.. Bro, I beg of you. I’ll never diss sofware jobs again.
I learnt my mistake, please, forgive me. Be proud to be a software engineer! Hi, friends! Of late, there have been
so many memes and trolls about software field. We felt bad about that,
so we’ve made this video. My point is, every job has its own value,
and everyone should be professional about their work. So, be professional
and be proud to be a software engineer. If you liked this video,
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