PHP Automated Fixed Price Conversion Project Features

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition converts FileMaker
Layouts, Microsoft Access & Visual FoxPro Forms & Reports into a functional PHP web
application. If you are considering a conversion project, you might wonder “Why should I hire .com
Solutions Inc. instead of using FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition?” The cost of performing an Automated Fixed-Price Conversion is only about 1% of the cost of
a manual rewrite. $20 – Represents the industry average cost
per LOC (Line of Code) to manually re-write an application.
25¢ – Represents the typical cost to perform a Turn-Key project after starting with automated
conversion. 2.5¢ – Represents the typical cost to perform
only an automated conversion project, with no manual changes. The Automated Fixed Price conversion project starts with required database changes (i.e.
adding PK columns for instance). The data is transferred to a MySQL or other SQL database.
The Automated Conversion processing is completed using FmPro Migrator and additional custom
tools. Depending upon the conversion type, additional
post processing will be done on the project prior to delivery. By default, FmPro Migrator will generate code to load all of the application models in the
AppController and ToolbarsController files. However larger and more complex projects may require changes to the loading of models to
improve performance and overall functionality. These changes start with the AppController
file. Models are dynamically loaded, only for the field based value lists. Model files are updated in order to comment the standard loading of related models.
The original code remains in the file for documentation purposes. The list of all of the application models is removed from the ToolbarsController file.
And code is added to load only the currently used model. These changes reduce memory usage
and improve performance. Each of the form controller files contain major changes to add the loading of only the
required models. The list of required models is based upon
the $fields_list of database columns and any related tables used for Grid/Portal objects. index.ctp and querylist.ctp view files are updated to comment related fields to improve
performance and functionality. .com Solutions Inc. can quickly perform your automated conversion project, saving you both
time & money. Can you afford not to use an Automated Fixed-Price
Conversion project?

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