How to use Chroma Key and Mask Designer to create a giant

How to use Chroma Key and Mask Designer to create a giant person. Add the 1st and 2nd videos to the timeline. In the Designer tool box, choose PiP Designer. In the PiP Designer window, scroll down and tick the Chroma Key tool box. Then choose the eye dropper tool and select a color closest to the subject. Use the Color Range slider to remove any leftover color. Then use the Denoise slider to clean up the edges. Highlight the second clip and resize the subject to fit inside the scenery. Add the 1st clip of the city to the timeline. Highlight the 3rd clip and choose the Mask Designer inside the Designer tool box. Inside the Mask Designer, choose the Create a Brush Mask tool. Brush a mask over the buildings where the subject will be dancing behind. Highlight the 1st clip and choose the Designer tool box, then select the PiP Designer. Scroll down the Objects Settings and mark one key frame on the timeline at the beginning of the clip. Scrub the timeline marker to the end of the timeline and make another key frame. Ensure that the Maintain Aspect Ratio box is checked and then toggle the Width slider to make the clip a little larger. Do not make it too large or it will ruin the effect. Highlight the 3rd clip and repeat the previous steps. Add music or sound effects to your project. Check your production and make any final adjustments.


  1. Videos like this could be great – but between being too rapid and no voice-over, it's not very comprehensible. I appreciate you have markets in non-English speaking countries and are trying to reach everyone, in which case SLOW DOWN and include more clear, visual pointers. (An English voice-over would be understood by well over 50% of viewers.)

  2. As a customer of your product, I recommend slowing down the pace of the video. There should be a person talking in the video to explain the software. It would be worth while to do a series of videos starting at the very beginning by explaining UI and finishing at exporting. Videos should be slow paced with lots of repeating content. The majority of people don't like fast paced music videos because we are interesting in learning. Thanks for the video. All the best in the future.

  3. It’s not about slowing down the playback speed, it’s about being TAUGHT! It’s a tutorial. So TUTOR!
    “Tutorial: a period of instruction given by a university or college tutor to an individual or very small group.”

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