how to download and install mysql on windows

Hello today I am going to show you how to download mysql workbench for windows and where to go to actually download the installation files So first go to google and type in mysql slash download slash mysql Then scroll down and select download you will then be able to select your required platform and then click the mdi installer you can log in or sign up I just choose to skip this process the installation files will then begin to download once the file has been downloaded if you double click the installation file and then click run the mysql installer will then start processing if you click add modify programs and tick you want to install the mysql connector can select or deselect any ones based on your requirements if you then click next if you then click next again you will then see a list of products which are installing or being updated once this is finished click next you will now see certain products being configured once this is down you will then be able to select your server configuration type I just put mine for development machine you will be able to select any of the advanced options and then click next here you can set your root password to connect to mysql you will be able to add any additional users that you want to be able to use mysql for example if you got somebody that shares your computer with you and they want to be able to practice on mysql you can add that here as you can see you can add different levels to there user settings click ok then click next next you will see the name that you want to call your sql I just leave mine as the default and you can select whether you want it to start up at the system start up i always untick mine because I try to mimise the amound of start up items next you will be taken to your server confirguration where you can set an error log click next you will then be shown the confirmation overview click connect you will then be shown that your installation has been successful if you go to your all programs and scroll down to mysql you will be able to open up mysql mysql workbench if you then click on local instance mysql this will then open up the mysql workbench where you can connect to your required database via the start up instance click database click connect to database you will then be able to enter your root password which you entered in the installation process you will then be able to run sql statements against your database for example I am going to taje show databases to show me all the databases currently on mysql this will give you back a list of databases currently on mysql


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