Hello Friends how to program embedded controller ( EC ) ? New laptop motherboard EC like ENE , ITE , NUVOTON Some Latest i3, i5 , i7 Platform motherboards comes with programmable EC Before i3 platform motherboards there is no any programmable EC but it’s pre programmed and it was locked by EC manufacturer so we will understand which one EC is programmable and how to program it with SIO programmer ENE Company EC (SIO) When we replace non programmable ENE EC we should be check number and code KB926QF C0 KB926QF B1 There is last 2 code ( C0 AND B1 ) we should match before replace it . last 2 code should be same otherwise it will be not work some equivalent chart help you for EC compatibility. KB930QF A1 KB9012 A4 WHEN WE REPLACE IT .. WE SHOULD ALWAYS MATCH EC NUMBER AND LAST 2 CODE LIKE C0,B1,A1,D1,D2, ETC. BUT NOW NEW EC NUMBER LIKE KB90xx SERIES WE DOESN’T NEED TO COMPARE LAST 2 CODE .AND IT’S A PROGRAMMABLE EC LIKE KB9010,9012,9016,9022 difference between non programmable and programmable EC non programmable EC last 2 code must be same while you replace it like (C0,B1,A1,D1) BUT NOW Programmable KB90xx Series you can program with sio programmer and doesn’t need to compare last 2 code (A3 , A4) . these both are compatible non programmable EC pre programmed as per motherboard chipset configuration and it’s locked programming for particular motherboard chipset design so user can’t program it user can’t read or write program of EC in non programmble EC but now some new EC comes with open source programming and user can access EC for read and write now doesn’t need to compare last 2 digit of programmable EC .. you can use only same number of EC and write program to it EC file provided by motherboard manufacturer NPCE 781 NPCE783 NPCE795 NPCE 288 NUVOTON 781,783,795 NON PROGRAMMABLE EC NPCE288 , NPCE388 PROGRAMMABLE EC if you replace Programmable EC then you must be program it with motherboard EC file otherwise your motherboard wan’t work NON PROGRAMMBLE EC IT8572E,IT8502E,IT8517E AXA when you replace non programmable ec then you should match ec number with this last code (AXA) when you replace non programmable IT8502E then you should match ec number with this last code (KXT) when you replace non programmable IT8517E then you should match ec number with this last code (HXS) NOW PROGRAMMABLE EC LENOVO (ITE) ITE8585 ITE8586 , ITE8587, ITE8985 WINBOND WPCE773LAODG NON PROGRAMMABLE WINBOND no any number sio is programmable at the present non programmable EC as a user we can’t program it So many programmers available in market one of them ENIT SIO PROGRAMMER we shall use ENIT PROGRAMMER for this video Nuvoton PCB for 288 , 388 EC extension board for convert 0.8mm pitch to 1mm pitch cable 0.5mm pitch to 1mm pitch cable This programmer use only for EC Programming This programmer doesn’t support or program motherboard 25 series flash spi bios how to configure and install application software? use good quality and short length USB CABLE bios files, ec files , enit software EXTRACT ENESIOPROGRAMMER RAR FILE EXTRACT DRIVER CONNECT ENIT PROGRAMMER AT USB2.00 PORT LENOVO G50 SERIES PROGRAMMING DO NOT POWER ON AC SUPPLY JUST PLUG DC ADAPTER TO THE MOTHERBOARD 30 PIN MOTHERBOARD KEYBOARD CONNECTOR 32 PIN PROGRAMMER SOCKET CONNECT PIN 1 TO FFC CABLE ALWAYS CONNECT WITH PIN NO:1 PROGRAMMER PIN NUMBER 1 CONNECTED TO MOTHERBOARD KEYBOARD CONNECTOR PIN NO:1 CONNECT “G” TO MOTHERBOARD USB PORT (G=Ground) connect programmer to usb port Red light indicate usb port connected for +5v do not power on adapter AC supply .. check all connection before start programming open enit software select your motherboard part number if you can’t find your motherboard number then select nearby listed number of motherboard A-272 is a my laptop motherboard part number if your motherboard connector connected pin number 1 to enit programmer pin1 then select check box Click on Apply click on check connection while i will click here check connection then software will wait 5 seconds for Motherboard supply Must be AC Power switch ON within 5 seconds it will be detect your motherboard EC while power on AC supply of adapter Click on Read and backup your existing EC file Reading starting and it indicate with Blue Light now write new program click on write tab and select your file 128kb writing start green led in indicate writing (red + green=yellow) ITE EC writing take some time approx 5 to 10 min but Nuvoton and ENE will be write quickly Disconnect AC Power supply remove usb cable now start AC power suppply Done now we will program ENE EC Password Protected motherboard Dell 15 series password store in EC (if ec was programmable) This is a KB9012 EC how to remove password 30 pin 0.8mm pitch connector use 0.8mm pitch cable to 1.00mm pitch converter always connect from pin no:1 0.8mm pitch connector is a 32 pin and we connect 30 pin cable skip pin no 31 and 32 so this is a pin no1 of connector pin no 1 is connect this side this is pin no:1 for ENE EC you need select jumper as per enit software specification but for ITE EC you doesn’t need to set it . This extender ic’s use for ITE EC for ITE EC you need to connect only USB (Ground) connection This header is for lcd ,led edid programming This header pins use for ENE EC programming ENIT programmer indicate us which one jumper connect to which number of header pin how to identify which one is 0.8mm pitch cable and which one is 1.00 mm cable i will explain it which cable connect in which connector this is a pin no:30 pin no :1 to converter board Mark pin no:1 for 0.8mm pitch connector pin no :1 mark for 1.00mm pitch connector mark pin no:1 This is a reverse cable connection ENIT 1 number pin connected to converter pcb pin number 1 this is a reverse side This is a motherboard connector pin no: 30 mean motherboard connector pin number 30 connected to ENIT pin number 1 and motherboard connector pin number 1 connected to ENIT pin number 30 so this is a reverse connection of enit to motherboard connector connections Dell 15 series 0.8mm pitch motherboard connector always connect opposite connection select your motherboard part number select your motherboard pin number (must be select your motherboard connector pins) when you select 30 pin uncheck this box because of our connection is a reverse direction when we uncheck box this connection also change now A connected to header pin no:15 G connect to motherboard usb port for ground do not connect power to your motherboard now connect dc supply to motherboard insert dc power to motherboard and click again to READ tab if power supply is ok and ENE kb90XX EC pin no:30 have 3.3v then ENIT detect your EC and open this box for save your EC existing file save your EC backup now write new program to EC i have new EC file Writing start writing and verify is ok !! remove dc power remove cable Password remove successfully ! now we will understand how to know which cable is 0.8mm and which one is 1.0mm pitch cable This is a 1.0mm pitch cable you can check like this check pin to pin cable and match it with connector insert cable from here but we can check cable from opposite side of insert cable direction if you want to use 32 pin cable for 30 pin connector this is a pin marking 24 , 26 , 30 cut between the 30 and 31 pin you can use this cable for 30 pin instead of 32 pin skip last 2 pins of cable (31 ,32 ) you can also cut for 24 pin and 26 pin as per your requirement how to program nuvoton EC Solder Nuvoton EC to this pcb .. select npce288/388 read your existing EC file and save it !! now write new EC file How to add you motherboard number ? i have LA-9982p but this number doesn’t have in list so i will select near by number of la-9982p nearby number configuration may be same so i was select LA-9981p and check it . if it’s work then i can use LA-9981p configuration for LA-9982p motherboard if it’s works (read , write ok with this configuration) then you will add LA-9982p configuration here with TXT file editing open MB connection ENE.txt file if you have ITE Configuration then open MB connection ITE.txt now open ENE txt file copy LA-9981p configuration Paste it to next line and rename motherboard number LA9982-P instead of LA-9981p now open your software again now you can see LA-9982p configuration Please feel free contact us at [email protected]


  1. SIR pls muja is programer ka software or pin configration chaya main na indiarefix.in pa account to bany ha muger wahin sa download nahi ho rah thanx

  2. Hello friends firstly congratulate them for their beautiful work and secondly I wanted to know if there is any type of update already of the program since I have a plate LA-C341P which does not appear in the list of the supported plates and this one has a kb9022.
    Thanks for the help in advance friends

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  6. Iam from kolkata how can i take laptop training . What is the cost of training .How many days are needed. When next class started.

  7. La-D702p he or Io chip Ene kb9022q he jo program karni he magar ye la number software me nahi aa rha na hi isse milta julta aa rha he.bahut tentation ho rhi he plz help me kese program karu

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