4 Install Rspec

OK guys so I’m ready. I think I’m ready to create some first task and the first steps probably will be installing our spec because we are going to use it for our automated tests. So we that the first task and I’m pretty sure that also I’m going to use the hammer because we are NOT UH WE ARE NOT. UH YOU GOING TO USE THAT YOUR B E R B use. So use the hammer. Probably baby. Oh so uh need it turn. Okay so let’s start with the first one. So I’m going to based on our spec okay. This is this one okay so how is the nation looks like. So could this uh onto our cities I need to add to the charm by uh. Okay I’m going to remove the buyback because I’m going to install the binding uh I’m going to use the binding price on the production will we present here instead of the buyback so I can remove it. Um I’m going to get rid of this comment because I don’t need them. So let’s do this now. I like that. The empire has the single quotes because I am also going to use singular quotes whenever it’s possible. And of course if some string interpolation will be needed then the double quotes of course. Okay. It okay. Uh I would like Castle to order uh order the gems. So why I’m using the shortcuts. It’s F.. And plus uh five f five so F and plus a five on Mark this one looks much better. So right now I should probably uh run the bond in star okay and initialize this bug directory where specs will reside with. Okay so this generator. Okay. Okay so I’m going to comment on this changes. Name it based on our spec okay. Okay. And we should able to run this uh bond. Exec are subject to check if all of the specs are fine. Of course we don’t have any specs yet. So we got zero example seven failures so it looks like for me right now. Okay. Uh okay. I think that’s all from here. Uh for this moment. Uh so I can move this task to done. Oh it does. Work in progress right now. Down. Okay okay. I think that’s on for this video and see you in the next one. By.

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